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Free Photo: The New Education

Free Photo: The New Education

Description: Vintage image of Uncle Sam directing a man to the Army Recruiting Office. The text reads: The new education. United States Recruiting Office. There's the world before you, young man! Do you want to see it? Learn a trade and live a strong healthy life? If so enlist and be happy - you can't beat this! There are tags on the globe for Alaska, Siberia, China, Panama, Philippines, France and the Rhine. There is a list of skilled trades that lists: Land surveying, auto repairing, telephone repairing, road construction, wireless telegraphy, tailoring, telegraphy, switch board installation, motor mechanics, cabling, carpentry, photography, electrical work, lithography, searchlight operation, drafting, masonry, radio, airplain mechanics and a great many others. There is a sign that reads: The service you like best, infantry, cavalry, field artillery, engineers, coast artillery, signal corps, air service, balloon corps, ordinance department, tank corps, medical department, veterinary corps, construction div, quartermaster corps. There is also a sign that reads: You get food, clothing, living quarters, medical attention, dental attention, base ball, foot ball, movies-theatre, FREE! There is a sack of money that reads: $30.00 per month. Can you make this while learning any other trade? Suggest a better description.

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