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Free Photo: Uncle Sam Needs That Extra Shovelful

Free Photo: Uncle Sam Needs That Extra Shovelful

Description: Vintage black and white F. Sindelar image of Uncle Sam taking hold of a man's muscular arm as the man shovels coal into a furnace. The text reads: Uncle Sam Needs That Extra Shovelful. Help Uncle Sam win the war by following these directions: 1. Fire small amounts of coal often. 2. Keep fuel bed even by putting coal on thin spots. Avoid raking and slicing. 3. Keep fuel bed about six inches thick. 3. Look out for air leaks in brickwoork. 5. Increase or decrease steam pressure by opening or closing draft damper in uptake. 6. Clean fires when the demand for steam is small, and while cleaning have the draft damper partly closed. Suggest a better description.

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